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Other Collections

City directories & Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are a great place to start. These and many other materials are available in the research center.

Henderson Scrapbooks

Republic Steel Drawings

Republic Bessemer Drawings 

City Directories

Trumbull County Farm and Business Directory, 1951-1953

Warren, (includes Niles & Girard) directories: 1921

Warren, (includes Niles & Newton Falls. From 1978 to 1984 these also include Cortland) directories: 1955, 1961, 1963, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1984

Youngstown, OH (most cover only the City of Youngstown. Certain volumes also include Struthers, Girard, Campbell, McDonald, Poland, Canfield and Lowellville) directories: 1869, 1872, 1875/1876, 1877 – Present

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Brier Hill 1889  (with Youngstown)
Canfield 1928  (photocopies of orig.)
Girard 1884, 1889, 1896  (with Youngstown)
Hazelton 1884  (with Youngstown)
Lowellville 1884, 1889, 1896  (with Youngstown)
Lowellville 1928  (original)
Struthers 1889, 1896  (with Youngstown)
Youngstown, City of 1884, 1889, 1896  (photocopies of orig.)
Youngstown, City of 1907-1927  (original set with paste overs)
Youngstown, City of 1928-1957  (original set with paste overs)
Youngstown, City of 1988, 1992

Tod Post #29 Grand Army of the Republic Collection

Of special note to those researching Civil War veterans is the Tod Post #29 Grand Army of the Republic Collection. This collection includes minute books of Tod Post, clippings, cemetery data, official rosters, photographs, and ephemera. Tod Post #29 G.A.R. was officially founded in March 1880, taking their name from Ohio’s Civil War governor, David Tod, who was a native of Youngstown. The post formally closed in 1945 with the demise of its last member. The collection includes published and unpublished works associated with the Civil War, Spanish-American war and related subjects. The collection also includes a partial set of the War of the Rebellion series; regimental histories; state level histories of units and battles; background histories of participants in the war; and published rosters for Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The collection includes Minute Books for the post, 1880-1945; Financial Records, 1868-1886 (not inclusive); Quarterly Reports, 1886-1899; and Member Information, including details about service. There are also records form auxiliary groups including: Ladies Relief Corps, 1885-1898; Office Soldiers & Sailors Relief Commission, 1907-1912; and Auxiliary of United Spanish War Veterans – Dept. of Ohio, 1900-1927. There is a series of Annual Encampment Reports and Programs from the Department of Ohio, G.A.R. dating from 1892 (26th)-1927 (61st); National Encampments, G.A.R. 1887 (21st)-1924 (58th). There is a sample of programs from other State level Departments of the G.A.R.

Original Ledgers include the Medical Report and Morning Report books for the 12th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, 1864-1865 during their campaign in Kentucky. Kirkbride Post #600 G.A.R. minute book for 1886-1914 is also in this collection.

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