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A memorable experience awaits you at the Arms Family Museum and the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center!  We offer exhibits, tours and programs that trace our regions roots and explore the people of the Mahoning Valley.

Your Field Trip
At the Arms Family Museum, groups are lead by a knowledgeable guide through the historic home and will experience the daily life of a Youngstown family.  In the exhibit galleries students encounter hands-on activities, demonstrations and interaction with educators.

The Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center features a temporary gallery space with large collection pieces on display that offer a look at the rich history of the Valley.  Visits to the History Center can be combined with educational programs in the 3rd Floor Education Center and Classrooms.

$5 per student for a one hour tour.  The museum can accommodate up to 60 students at one time.  Arrangements with other nearby venues are suggested for larger groups.

Schedule your Program

For a tour of the Arms Family Museum, please call 330-743-2589 x123 or email .

For a tour of the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center, please call 330-743-2589 x121 or email .

Call at least 30 days prior to your desired trip.  Depending on group size and dates requested, multiple times may be required for your visit. A confirmation packet will be sent to you upon completion of the registration process.

Arrange for Chaperones
To ensure your students are well supervised, we ask that you bring one chaperone per 15 students. Chaperones are considered to be all adults besides teachers with your group. There is no charge for the required number of chaperones or certified teachers with valid school identification. The cost for additional chaperones is $7 each.