Enhance your classroom curriculum by borrowing one of many free, interdisciplinary learning kits! All kits come with an instructional teacher’s guide and include lesson plans, photos, document reproductions, artifacts, games, maps, worksheets, research projects and more! Each kit is historically accurate and incorporates curriculum and content standards with local history themes to help your students meet testing needs.  Kits may be borrowed for two weeks.


The Immigration suitcase is a collection of games, worksheets and projects. It encourages discussion of causes, decision-making, maintaining culture and discrimination. Teachers’ information sheets, reproducible pages, craft materials, games, and reproductions of documents and photographs are included to help students understand the immigration process.  Age: middle/upper elementary student.  Subjects: history, language arts, social studies skills, geography and citizenship, and reading and writing processes and applications.

Timelines Suitcase

The Timelines suitcase will help students understand different scales and purposes of timelines. Explore important dates in our world, national and local history through poster-size, single and multi-tier timelines, including a timeline History of Toys!  Age: middle/upper elementary and jr. high students.   Subjects: history (grouping events, sequencing, cause and effect relationships), social studies and math skills.

1810 Journey to Ohio

The 1810 Journey to Ohio suitcase gives students a firsthand account of a young woman’s pioneering journey from her home in Connecticut to the new territory of Ohio. Based on a published transcription of the early 19th century journal by Margaret van Horn Dwight.  Age: jr. high (for younger students, teachers may read excerpts from the book as students write or draw in a journal, thus enhancing pre-writing and visual arts skills.)  Subjects: history, language arts, geography, social studies skills, science, math and research skills.

Hispanic Awareness Suitcase

The Hispanic Awareness suitcase features contributions of Hispanic immigrants to the life of the Mahoning Valley. Artifacts, pictures, map work, virtual field trips, biography projects and activities will help students experience the history, culture and customs of Hispanic people in our Valley and around the world.   Age: upper elementary.   Subjects: history, language arts, geography, social studies and research skills, as well as reading and writing processes, applications and conventions.

African American Suitcase

The African-American suitcase will help students understand and appreciate African-American culture by studying the “ancestral homeland of African-Americans, the circumstances of their arrival on American shores, and their eventual integration into the mainstream of American life.” Instructional materials are by Dr. Martha Bruce-McSwain.  Ages: primary grades.   Subjects: history, geography and language arts, including reading and writing processes, applications and conventions.

People of India Suitcase

The Indian People suitcase examines the vast country of India and how it represents diversity in all its aspects: people, religions, customs, traditions, clothes and languages. Extensive historical background information, activities, pictures and artifacts celebrate the cultural heritage of local residents who are of Indian descent.  Age: middle/upper elementary and jr. high students.  Subjects: history, geography, science, language arts, music, art and math.

Irish-American Suitcase

The Irish-American Suitcase is an in-depth, extensive suitcase offering a comprehensive variety of materials that span centuries of Ireland’s history, ancestry, customs and traditions. Two essays feature the local history of Irish settlers and immigrants in the Mahoning Valley.  Ages: middle/upper elementary and jr. high students.  Subjects: math, art, social studies, geography, language arts, music and science.