BMAMV: Historic Advertising

The Business & Media Archives Collection has over 6,000  digital images indexed in its database.  They are searchable by name, date and subject and cover 1930-1990’s.  Included are photos of employees and station renovations, news photos and area landmarks including downtown Youngstown and Idora Park.

Also in the archive are advertising illustrations.  Historians and scholars have recently taken a closer look at advertisements and studying them as clues to the social, political and economical environments that produced them.

The concept of advertising pre-dates the United States, and can be traced to early sign boards and actors persuading passersby to attend theatre productions in Europe.  Early advertisements in colonial America were mostly about goods on hand, but also promoted slave sales and notices of escaped slaves.  In the 1880’s as industry and mass produced products emerged, advertising sought to find and persuade buyers.

In the 1920’s advertising became increasing important in the consumer driven economy and new media such as magazines, movies and radio broadcasting provided a new way for advertisements to reach the consumer.

Advertising has continued to evolve since the 1920’s.  New concepts and even more media outlets created a “Creative Revolution” in the 1960’s and advertising is now a targeted, segmented, branded multi-billion dollar industry.

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Media Monday – New Struthers Bridge

In 1992 WKBN ran a series of flashback stories during the evening newscasts.  The b-roll footage that ran on the screen behind the anchor’s voice over was saved in the Business & Media Archives.  The sound however, was removed.

These are some clips from the ribbon cutting on a new Struthers bridge in 1970.

Lordstown: America’s Quality Team

A new weekly segment here on will feature video from the Business & Media Archives collection.

Media Mondays will include flashbacks from the past 60 years of Mahoning Valley history, which lives on film and videotape.

The first video is a marketing piece called Lordstown: America’s Quality Team from General motors featuring the plant in Lordstown, Ohio.

First CarGeneral Motors dates back to September 29, 1964, in the Valley, when ground was broken for a $100 million dollar assembly plant.  Nineteen months later, on April 28, 1966, the first vehicle, a 1966 Chevrolet Impala sport sedan, was produced.  During the first four years of operation the plant produced the full-size Chevrolets and the Pontiac Firebirds.

This piece was produced in the 1980’s, so some of the faces might look familiar –   Enjoy this blast from the past!