BMA staff can conduct research and provide film and video clips for broadcast or educational purposes.

The Business & Media Archives of the Mahoning Valley film collection may be used for “in-house” purposes such as research or educational films in a private home, educational, religious or charitable institution, or a commercial enterprise (other than broadcast, cable or media) as long as it is used strictly for in-house purposes which are non-public and to which no admission fee is charged. The collection is protected by copyright and, except as provided for above, the images may not be copied, transferred to other media, broadcast, distributed by cable, sub-licensed, sold or used in any commercial manner without a licensing agreement


Research, dubbing for private individuals (not for use on air)
$35/hr. for VHS tape
$15 Extra for S-VHS tape

Research, dubbing for local broadcasters
$35 for first 2:00 minutes (minimum)
$10 for each 1:00 minute over minimum

Research, dubbing for national broadcasters
$220/first :60 seconds (minimum)
$40/each :10 over minimum

Repair film: (clean, splice, and fix sprocket holes) $70/hr

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