Charles P. Henderson Scrapbooks

A native of Youngstown, OH, Charles P. Henderson earned a law degree from the 95-14 Judge Charles P Henderson 1965University of Michigan, beginning to practice law in 1935. Henderson was elected Mayor of Youngstown on the Republican ticket. He served three terms as mayor from 1947-1953, earning national recognition due in part to his crackdown on organized crime in the city. The two scrapbooks cover this part of his professional career, the first focusing on 1947-1949; the second, 1950-1953. The efforts to control crime and corruption are dramatically documented by the Henderson scrapbooks.

The digitization of these scrapbooks was made possible by a grant from Ohio’s History Fund.

History Fund

The History Fund creates grants to help support local history and preservation-related projects in communities throughout Ohio. It’s funded by Ohio taxpayers that make a donation on their state tax returns.

To donate, look for “Ohio History Fund” on your Ohio tax return (line 26b) and designate a dollar amount.  That’s it! Your tax-deductible donation goes to support history projects in local Ohio communities.  For more information about the Ohio History Fund tax check-off and donating to it, visit


Scrapbook 1: 1947-1949 Pages 1-251
Scrapbook 2: 1950-1953 Pages 252-824


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