Arms Family Museum Exhibits

Familiar Spirits: Remembering the Arms and Wicks

“Familiar Spirits: Remembering the Arms and Wicks”  includes twenty-four four of Chris Yambar’s paintings from his Gothika series. There are twelve variations on each of two images: the Carrie Arms Ford, and Caleb B. Wick monuments in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Gothika  Statement

Gothika – The eyes of the departed are forever upon us. Welcome to Gothika; a secret world that extends beyond life. Eyes from the past survey the drama of the present as we boldly fade into the future. This collection captures the icons and statuary within the realm of the taphophile, markers that inspire, haunt, and comfort, we who still breathe in this mortal coil.

Chris Yambar Bio

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Chris adopted a strong blue collar work ethic which he applied as a commercial artist and later as an accomplished neo pop art painter. From 1987 until 2015, Yambar produced over 4000 images which made their way into numerous celebrity, corporate and private collections, as well as into galleries and museums around the world. His work can be found in such diverse holdings as the Ronald Reagan Library, Superman Museum, P. T. Barnum Museum, Hummel Museum, and Butler Institute of American Art to name but a few. His images have been featured in publications, on clothing, on audio recordings, in comics, and on a myriad of products, too numerous to catalog here. 

Anne Kilcawley Christman Decorative Arts Gallery
Mid Century Modern in the Mahoning Valley
This exhibit explores the design period from the late 1940’s through the 1960’s when designers embraced technological advancements and natural forms using bold colors and streamlined edges. The exhibit highlights the 1948 Youngstown Kitchens set, pieces from the Plakie Toy company and more.

The Story of My House: Arts & Crafts Design at Greystone
This exhibit explores Greystone’s design, from conception to realization.  With sketches drawn by Olive Arms, photographs of original room designs, and never before seen furniture and decorative objects, the exhibit demonstrates the Arts and Crafts influences in the Arms family home.

Jeanne D. Tyler Costume Exhibit Gallery

Enchanted Evening: Formal Wear from the Jeanne D. Tyler Collection

The formal styles in the exhibit follow the trends of the period while reflecting the personal styles of the individuals who wore them. Mrs. Tyler has long been a generous supporter of civic, healthcare and educational institutions in the Valley. She has greatly enhanced the Historical Society’s collection of historical artifacts, especially costumes, having donated hundreds of pieces of clothing and accessories spanning the generations of her and her late husband’s families. This exhibit features examples of custom-made evening and formal wear worn by Jeanne Tyler and her family throughout the 20th Century.

Victorian Parlor – May 2019 – Exhibit is Closed
This exhibit is being changed – opening date TBD.

The Benjamin Franklin Wirt Collection
B.F. Wirt was a Youngstown lawyer and businessman, and served as an Ohio state senator for four years beginning in 1889.  An avid traveler, Wirt amassed a unique collection of rare ancient artifacts, artwork, Asian decorative arts, as well as books, autographs and manuscripts. He intended to develop a museum for his collection, however that never came to fruition and the collection is now under the care of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society.  Visitors will see a variety of items including famous autographs, artifacts from the War of 1812, a Persian (Iranian) perfume bottle, Chinese embroidery and a Native American basket.
The Anne Kilcawley Christman Hands-On History Room Located in the lower level of the Arms Family Museum of Local History, in the space occupied by the log cabin, this room will allow visitors of all ages and learning styles the opportunity to interact on a more personal level with the history of the Mahoning Valley.