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“For As Long As We Remember: Selections from Chris Yambar’s Gothika Collection,” will be on display at Tyler History Center in Downtown Youngstown from September 27 through January 5, 2020.

The exhibit, staged in the Youngstown Foundation Community History Gallery, showcases historical imagery from Mahoning Valley cemeteries. This collection captures the icons and statuary within the realm of the taphophile—markers that inspire, haunt, and comfort, we ho still breathe in this mortal coil. Familiar effigies include Carrie Arms, the Wicks, angels, and other religious icons.

Chris Yambar is a Youngstown native and celebrated progressive Neo-Pop artist. Painting, writing, publishing, recording, lecturing, and other words ending in “ing” are just a few of the things that occupy his daily life. Yambar has produced over 5000 images in his painting career, which have found their way into numerous galleries, museums and celebrity collections in over 13 countries, including such diverse arenas as The Butler Institute of American ArtHummel Museum, Superman Museum and Ronald Reagan Library to name just a few.

His love for nostalgic pop culture and images from childhood merriment are only equaled by his obsessions with rock and roll idols, vintage serials, movie monsters, and TV cartoon characters.

Even after losing sight in one eye and 40% vision in the other, and other health issues, he continues to produce paintings at an alarming pace, usually at over 200 per year. Without a doubt, Chris Yambar is one of the most delightfully dangerous artists on the planet. Visit his online gallery website at

The Tyler History Center is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday, Noon to 4:00 p.m.