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Familiar Spirits

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The Arms Family Museum

“Familiar Spirits: Remembering the Arms and Wicks”  includes twenty four of Chris Yambar’s paintings from his Gothika series. There are twelve variations on each of two images: the Carrie Arms Ford, and Caleb B. Wick monuments in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Gothika  Statement

Gothika – The eyes of the departed are forever upon us. Welcome to Gothika; a secret world that extends beyond life. Eyes from the past survey the drama of the present as we boldly fade into the future. This collection captures the icons and statuary within the realm of the taphophile, markers that inspire, haunt, and comfort, we who still breathe in this mortal coil.

Chris Yambar Bio

Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Chris adopted a strong blue collar work ethic which he applied as a commercial artist and later as an accomplished neo pop art painter. From 1987 until 2015, Yambar produced over 4000 images which made their way into numerous celebrity, corporate and private collections, as well as into galleries and museums around the world. His work can be found in such diverse holdings as the Ronald Reagan Library, Superman Museum, P. T. Barnum Museum, Hummel Museum, and Butler Institute of American Art to name but a few. His images have been featured in publications, on clothing, on audio recordings, in comics, and on a myriad of products, too numerous to catalog here. 

(for a detailed history of his career, please visit his sister site at ).

In 2015, Chris began an intense reinvention process as a painter due to numerous health issues including the loss of vision in his right eye and 40% decrease in his other. This is when his output increased from 100 images to over 200 annually. His new style combining photography, acrylic and enamel painting and silkscreen on canvas has allowed him to embrace a luxury of multiplicity, making his work  accessible to even more collectors and exportable to venues around the world. Fueled by an unquenchable spirit, and plenty of fresh brewed coffee, Yambar remains a force of nature and the patron saint of artistic productivity.  includes images painted after 2015 and is made up of thematic  galleries showcasing his renewed vision and his unapologetic approach to color, composition and lust for life.