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Why is the red and white mushroom a prominent symbol in Christmas decorations and why are there so many in the reception room of the Arms Family Museum’s Memories of Christmas Past this year?

Mushrooms have long been Good Luck symbols in the German culture. Found in the forests , mushrooms are associated with nature and the beauty of the forest. Finding a mushroom in the woods was like finding a lucky penny — good fortune was just around the corner. Mushroom ornaments honor the reverence for nature and hopes for good luck in the coming year.


There are other theories that associate the mushrooms with the symbolism of the┬ámodern day Santa Claus, some argue the similarities, while others say it’s all just coincidence. ┬áHere are a few web articles – you can decide!

NPR: Did ‘Shrooms Send Santa and his Reindeer Flying?
Live Science: Eight Ways Magic Mushrooms Explain Santa

Be sure to visit Memories of Christmas Past at The Arms Family Museum this season!