Summer Open Houses

Hands on History Open Houses

Every Wednesday from July through mid-August, the Mahoning Valley Historical Society will host Hands-On-History Open Houses!


July 6
Discover Native Americans
See life through the eyes of the original inhabitants of the Mahoning Valley while constructing and finding artifacts.

July 13
A Nation Divided
Enlist in Mr. Lincon’s Army, play games, and make crafts all while learning about the Civil War.

July 20
Christmas in July
Celebrate the holiday season in the heat of summer! Games and crafts are just some of the festive fun!

July 27
The First Ohioans
Costumes, crafts, and creativity will only be half the fun while traveling back to pioneer days in the Valley.

August 3
Youngstown Loves to Eat
Join us in discovering the tastes of Youngstown, as we explore the culture and tradition rooted in our amazing food!

August 10
The Magic of Music and Movies
Experience the entertainment of yesteryear and even make some of your own!

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