For Teachers

The Historical Society is proud to present quality education programs for pre-K through 12th grade students. Our programs are designed to complement your curriculum, meet state curriculum standards, and offer a variety of options for your History Center or museum experience.

Suitcase Presentations

Bring the museum to you with one of MVHS’ traveling suitcases. These interactive presentations examine the history and culture of the Mahoning Valley. Each presentation includes original and reproduction artifacts, images, maps, and activities for children to examine.

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Field Trips

A memorable experience awaits you at the Arms Family Museum and the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center!  We offer exhibits, tours and programs that trace our regions roots and explore the people of the Mahoning Valley. Continue reading “Field Trips”

Primary Documents

The MVHS Archival Library is full of primary documents that teachers can use across the curriculum while fostering learning in history.The Mahoning Valley Historical Society is a wonderful resource for teachers hoping to enrich learning by adding primary documents. Continue reading “Primary Documents”