Dining Room Restoration

paypal_logo_donateSara B. Chase, a Boston area preservation consultant, spent three days in the Arms Family Museum.  Chase analyzed the fabric, paint and plaster in the dining room as the first step toward repairing the damage and restoring the room to its original appearance.  Additional research and analysis will lead to the production of a detailed report on the various colors on the walls and ceiling, and a treatment plan for the eventual restoration work.  Sara was kind enough to participate in interviews for the local media and Vindicator reporter Emmalee Torisk  allowed us to videotape her interview.





Here are some clips of Sara Chase explaining the work she is doing in the Arms Family Museum


Sara explains a little bit about why she is here:


Sara explains her process:


What is interesting about this project:


What is her timeline:


What is included in her report to the Historical Society:



“Sara Chase brings invaluable knowledge and experience to this restoration project,” commented MVHS Executive Director Bill Lawson. “She worked with our Historical Society previously, providing research and analysis on paint and fabric prior to the restoration of Library room ceiling in the Arms Family Museum in 1993.  Her report will be vital to recreating the original fabric coverings, colors and painting techniques on the badly damaged walls and ceiling of the Dining Room.”

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