Government Records

MVHS serves as a local repository for a number of local government records series. Unless otherwise noted, the records are from Mahoning County, Ohio. MVHS holdings include the following:


  • FA – Finding aid available
  • BD – Finding aid being developed
  • AN – appointment necessary
Birth and Death Records – select communities 
Mahoning County, OH
1867-1868 FA
Blind, Application for Worthy Blind (Probate Civil) 1904-1905 BD
City of Youngstown Planning Office – Negatives ca. 1958-1961 BD
Clerk of Courts – List of Suits (ledgers) ca. 1844-1870
Clerk’s Account Book (ledger) ca. 1861-1865
Common Pleas Court Case Files ca. 1846-1876  BD
Commutation Book (organized by Township)
Mahoning County, OH 
Court – Appeals Docket Books  1913-1931, 1936-1939 AN
Court – Circuit Court Appearance Dockets  1896-1915
Court – Circuit, Journals  1885-1906. 1911-1913 AN
Court – Circuit, Records (docket books)  1885-1914 AN
Court – Civil Record at Law 1852-1857
Court – Civil Records 1855, 1878
Court – Common Pleas (ledgers) ca. 1853-1856, 1866-1868
Court – Criminal Records (docket books) ca. 1867-1911
Court – Estrays, Jurors Lists, Receipts & Notes ca. 1846-1872 BD
Court – Probate Civil Case Files –
Mahoning County, OH  
ca. 1846-1900 BD
Court – Probate Estate Packets –
Mahoning County, OH 
1846-1900 FA
Court – Probate Judge G. I. Young Correspondence (ledger)  ca. 1853-1859
Court Records (ledger) – Criminal Cases ca. 1867-1874
Court Records – Estrays, etc. (ledger) ca. 1858-1873
Court Records of Foreign Summons (ledger) ca. 1871-1876
Deeds, Mortgages, Leases Recorded (ledger) ca. 1856-1863
Election Poll Books ca. 1850-1871
Financial Reports, Mahoning County, OH  1916-1924
Infirmary Orders Record – Mahoning Co. Auditor 1871-1889
Justice of the Peace – Samuel Bryson (ledger) ca. 1805-1810
Justice of the Peace & other Officers of the Court, Expense Records ca. 1882-1897
Land Sales – Delinquent (ledger) ca. 1873-1878
Land Transactions – Mahoning & Trumbull Counties
(Small selection of deeds)
Land Transactions – Local Gov. Misc. Records Box 2 1827-1901 BD
License Fees, Military Exemptions (ledger) ca. 1858-1875
Mill Creek Metropolitan Park Collection 1891-1993 AN
Oaths & Commissions (ledger) ca. 1846-1874
Police Register (ledger) ca. 1897-1898
Records of Cases (ledger) ca. 1869-1870
Grand Jury List of Jurors 1874-1880
School Records – Beloit Special District 1898-1919 FA
School Records – District #6 Goshen Twp.
Mahoning Co., OH
1856-1867 FA
Sheriff’s Sales Ledger (James K. Orr) 1893-1898
Tax Assessment Ledger – Austintown Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Beaver Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Berlin Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Canfield Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Ellsworth Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Goshen Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Green Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Poland Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Springfield Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Youngstown Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – (real property and
personal property sections for each twp.)
Mahoning Co. OH
Tax Assessments – Auditor’s Duplicates –
city of Youngstown For Transfer of Real Property in City
Taxes – Delinquent (ledgers) ca. 1846-1853, 1886
Transfer of Real Property (ledger)
(arranged by Twp. Mahoning Co., OH)
Treasurer’s Ledgers, Mahoning Co. ca. 1857-1866, 1867-1871
Treasurer’s Reports (ledger) Mahoning Co. ca. 1846-1867
Treasurer’s Reports – Hosea Hoover (ledger) ca. 1855-1859
Treasurer’s Reports – Singleton King & John Wetmore ca. 1851-1855
Youngstown Twp. Record Book & Minutes
Includes Registry of Ear Marks Used 1802-1829
Youngstown Twp. Trustees Minute Book & Accounts ca. 1884-1899

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