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How to Access Tyler History Center During Road Construction

Updated 02/03/2023

Those coming from the West (Mahoning Ave.): turn right on Hogue St. before the railroad overpass, and then turn left onto Marshall St.; at the light at Oak Hill Ave., go straight under the railroad overpass and then across the Marshall St. Bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left onto Vindicator Square; past the light at W. Boardman St. turn left to enter the alley behind Tyler.

Those coming from the South (Market St.): cross over the Viaduct and then at the end of the bridge turn left onto W. Front St. at the light; follow W. Front to the stop sign at Vindicator Square, turn right, go through the light at W. Boardman St., and then turn left into the alley that runs behind Tyler.

Coming from the South (South Ave.) and East (Poland Ave.): cross over the South Ave. Bridge and turn left at the end of the bridge onto E. Front St.; cross Market St. onto W. Front St., and from there follow the above instructions.

Coming from the East (Wilson Ave.) or Northeast (Himrod Ave): at the intersection of Wilson and Himrod, turn onto E. Federal St. and follow it to the South Ave./Commerce St. intersection. Turn left at that light onto South Ave., go through the light at E. Boardman St., and then turn right onto E. Front St.; follow the above instructions from there.

Coming from the North (Fifth Ave.): turn left onto W. Commerce St. (open for now), and then right onto Symphony Place; cross W. Federal St. onto Vindicator Square and then turn right onto the alley behind Tyler.

From the North (Wick Ave.): go through Central Square and then turn right onto West Front St., and follow previous directions from there.

From the North (Belmont Ave.) or Northwest (MLK Blvd): veer to the right at the Belmont/MLK intersection, go down and under the Spring Common (Red Firefighters Memorial) Bridge; turn left onto W. Boardman St., and either enter the parking lot behind Tyler from W. Boardman, or else go to the intersection at Vindicator Square, turn left at the light and then left onto the alley behind Tyler.