2022 Historic Preservation Awards


“Good Intentions Cafe” – Phillips-Sekanick Architects & Gilmore Design
6635 0H-87, Kinsman

The judges particularly appreciated the overall attention to the historic character of the structure in its selection of materials and design decisions, and viewed the project overall an excellent example of adaptive reuse. Good Intentions gave new life and purpose to this well-known property, as a viable commercial enterprise and a dedicated public meeting space that will serve the surrounding community well while preserving and honoring the property’s long history.


Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Kress Building and Paramount Theater pieces)
AO Construction and the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown

The judges unanimously recognized and appreciated the value in preserving these pieces as monuments to the community’s memory of the buildings and the history inherent therein. They respected the quality of work and dedication to the spirit of historic preservation, as well as the effort to use historic pieces to further beautify a beloved and sacred part of the city’s landscape. Furthermore, the judges and MVHS wish to acknowledge through this award AO Construction’s exemplary dedication to the cause of historic preservation, and its many efforts toward that end over the years.


2118 Glenwood Avenue — Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation

Impressed the judges for its respectful adherence to the original features of the home, its delightful preservation of the very unique stone, and its efforts to upgrade elements like windows while still remaining true to the historic appearance of the house.

Glenwood Grounds – Hope for Renewal, Inc.

The judges appreciated Glenwood Grounds for re-purposing the building while maintaining the original structure’s exterior facade and so many historic interior features. The building is an excellent example of adaptive reuse that will serve the surrounding community well, and truly pays respect to the objectives of historic preservation, in spirit and practice.