Ebony Lifeline Sports Museum


Ebony Lifeline presents the Sports Museum Exhibit in the Youngstown Foundation Community History Gallery at the Tyler History Center.

Opening January 30, 2016, the Ebony Lifeline Sports Museum will feature a collection of sports-related images, trophies, and equipment that highlight the sports contributions of the African American and Latino communities in the Mahoning Valley. Created by the Ebony Lifeline Support Group in 1996 as part of the celebration of Youngstown’s bicentennial, the collection emphasizes the importance of sportsmanship and positive role models in creating community pride.

The exhibit will encompass the diverse story of local sports – from high school football, basketball, track, baseball, and volleyball, to adult league sports including softball, bowling, and golf, to individual sports like boxing and body-building. The Ebony Lifeline Sports Museum will remain open through April 30, 2016.