Government Records

MVHS serves as a local repository for a number of local government records series. Unless otherwise noted, the records are from Mahoning County, Ohio. MVHS holdings include the following:


  • FA – Finding aid available
  • BD – Finding aid being developed
  • AN – appointment necessary
Birth and Death Records – select communities 
Mahoning County, OH
1867-1868 FA
Blind, Application for Worthy Blind (Probate Civil) 1904-1905 BD
City of Youngstown Planning Office – Negatives ca. 1958-1961 BD
Clerk of Courts – List of Suits (ledgers) ca. 1844-1870
Clerk’s Account Book (ledger) ca. 1861-1865
Common Pleas Court Case Files ca. 1846-1876  BD
Commutation Book (organized by Township)
Mahoning County, OH 
Court – Appeals Docket Books  1913-1931, 1936-1939 AN
Court – Circuit Court Appearance Dockets  1896-1915
Court – Circuit, Journals  1885-1906. 1911-1913 AN
Court – Circuit, Records (docket books)  1885-1914 AN
Court – Civil Record at Law 1852-1857
Court – Civil Records 1855, 1878
Court – Common Pleas (ledgers) ca. 1853-1856, 1866-1868
Court – Criminal Records (docket books) ca. 1867-1911
Court – Estrays, Jurors Lists, Receipts & Notes ca. 1846-1872 BD
Court – Probate Civil Case Files -
Mahoning County, OH  
ca. 1846-1900 BD
Court – Probate Estate Packets -
Mahoning County, OH 
1846-1900 FA
Court – Probate Judge G. I. Young Correspondence (ledger)  ca. 1853-1859
Court Records (ledger) – Criminal Cases ca. 1867-1874
Court Records – Estrays, etc. (ledger) ca. 1858-1873
Court Records of Foreign Summons (ledger) ca. 1871-1876
Deeds, Mortgages, Leases Recorded (ledger) ca. 1856-1863
Election Poll Books ca. 1850-1871
Financial Reports, Mahoning County, OH  1916-1924
Infirmary Orders Record – Mahoning Co. Auditor 1871-1889
Justice of the Peace – Samuel Bryson (ledger) ca. 1805-1810
Justice of the Peace & other Officers of the Court, Expense Records ca. 1882-1897
Land Sales – Delinquent (ledger) ca. 1873-1878
Land Transactions – Mahoning & Trumbull Counties
(Small selection of deeds)
Land Transactions – Local Gov. Misc. Records Box 2 1827-1901 BD
License Fees, Military Exemptions (ledger) ca. 1858-1875
Mill Creek Metropolitan Park Collection 1891-1993 AN
Oaths & Commissions (ledger) ca. 1846-1874
Police Register (ledger) ca. 1897-1898
Records of Cases (ledger) ca. 1869-1870
Grand Jury List of Jurors 1874-1880
School Records – Beloit Special District 1898-1919 FA
School Records – District #6 Goshen Twp.
Mahoning Co., OH
1856-1867 FA
Sheriff’s Sales Ledger (James K. Orr) 1893-1898
Tax Assessment Ledger – Austintown Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Beaver Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Berlin Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Canfield Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Ellsworth Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Goshen Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Green Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Poland Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Springfield Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – Youngstown Twp. Mahoning Co. 1859
Tax Assessment Ledger – (real property and
personal property sections for each twp.)
Mahoning Co. OH
Tax Assessments – Auditor’s Duplicates -
city of Youngstown For Transfer of Real Property in City
Taxes – Delinquent (ledgers) ca. 1846-1853, 1886
Transfer of Real Property (ledger)
(arranged by Twp. Mahoning Co., OH)
Treasurer’s Ledgers, Mahoning Co. ca. 1857-1866, 1867-1871
Treasurer’s Reports (ledger) Mahoning Co. ca. 1846-1867
Treasurer’s Reports – Hosea Hoover (ledger) ca. 1855-1859
Treasurer’s Reports – Singleton King & John Wetmore ca. 1851-1855
Youngstown Twp. Record Book & Minutes
Includes Registry of Ear Marks Used 1802-1829
Youngstown Twp. Trustees Minute Book & Accounts ca. 1884-1899

2 thoughts on “Government Records

  1. I would like review “Case #157″, that resolves the estate of Susannah Christ filed within the Mahoning County Estate Records dated 25 Sept 1846. It awarded Elias Huet (Hewitt) her brother, guardianship of the four minor children of Jonathan and Susannah (Huet) Crist (or Christ). Can you help me obtain a copy of the document, or direct me to where I can review it on-line? Thank you.

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